Anna Karina


Favourite Part II

Sandra Beijer from niotillfem seems to live the life I can only dream of living. Everything
from the picnics and parties she attends, her lovely friends and sense of style, to the food she eats. All of it is so..pretty. Is it because she lives in Stockholm?

Seeking Summer Inspiration

I never know what I want. More later.


Same Ol' Same Ol'

My first set of fisheye pictures.



I check this girl's blog more than any other one.


Hang me up to dry

drawing by Bekah.


Oh Well

So i came across this photo of Drew Barrymore recently and i was in shock. Maybe not as much as i sound. Anyway, I am just so sad to see this 34 year old woman's unbelievable attempt at looking young and hip. The makeup looks slabbed on or something. The feathered hair piece adds to my point. I hope this was a one time only kind of thing.

Sorry, Drew. I've seen you look a million times better.



Balenciaga Fall 09.


New shoes!

EEK! They're lovely.

Anthropologie <3


Inspired by...

Michelle Williams
Monique Lhuillier Fall 2009
Marchesa always knows what i like.

Victoria Traina

I am looking for a prom dress.

I can't seem to find anything I like for a decent price. i tend to have expensive taste.

so I am trying to find a vintage dress or find a seamstress to make a dress I'm going to design.



I am Georgina.

I am still trying to figure out what I am doing here.